Safer spare time

Every day, we touch surfaces that thousands of other hands have touched before us. Surfaces can spread infectious diseases, viruses and harmful bacteria between people – and intensified cleaning of these surfaces is also expensive.

The pandemic has taught us to anticipate the future. We are more aware of the risks that are part and parcel of our day-to-day lives, which has prompted us to seek out safer places to enjoy our leisure time. We pay attention to health risks and consider how we can make our lives safer. 

We will respond to the spread of infectious diseases with FOTONIT® photocatalysis coating solution, developed in collaboration with various Finnish universities and accredited research institutions. Our solution makes surfaces safe to touch, as they disinfect themselves in normal room lighting conditions. These nanocoating solutions help us improve surface hygiene, reducing the pathogens and harmful organic compounds on them. We are also able to make surfaces easy to clean and dirt-resistant. You can find out more about our dirt-repelling Nanoksi-180™ solution here.

FOTONIT® coating provides effective and proven protection from surface-borne diseases, allowing us to live our everyday lives as normally as possible. We minimise risks to health and leave behind invisible protection that offers a significant impact on society and human wellbeing. Thanks to the coating, we can safely open up the events sector and enjoy our free time more normally. Our solution is a key part of the bigger picture when it comes to safety, facilitating things such as the organisation of various events and gatherings.

We can achieve all of this with our safe and effective processes. Our goal is to make the world a safer place, one surface at a time, with the help of Finnish know-how and nanotechnology. 

Our internationally acclaimed nanotechnology innovation makes air travel safer

The Finnish FOTONIT® coating has also gained extensive visibility at a global level. Earlier on in 2021, we participated in the international Aviation X Lab competition, beating more than 100 other competitive innovations to come first. The Aviation X Lab Accelerate competition is an annual project organised by five global aviation giants: Airbus, GE Aviation, Emirates, Thales and Collins Aerospace, with the aim of bringing new innovations to the aviation industry. This time, the competition was open to companies whose COVID-19-related solutions could be used to secure the wellbeing of travellers throughout their journey. 

Aviation X Lab’s competition project sought innovative and customer-focused ideas for improving health and safety measures in the aviation sector, as well as restoring trust in travel during and after the pandemic. 

The FOTONIT® coating stood out from the tough competition thanks to its versatility of use and long-lasting performance. Our coating significantly increases safety in the travel and tourism sector by keeping passengers safe the whole way from their point of departure to their end destination. The FOTONIT® coating can be used in all kinds of sectors, from healthcare to travel and tourism.

Thanks to the competition win, we were able to roll out our coating extensively at Dubai International Airport, which is the third busiest airport in the world.

KorkeasaariThe Finnish National Theatre and a number of ski resorts, such as HimosIso-Syöte and Messilä have adopted our FOTONIT® coating solution as part of their overall safety efforts.

Let us protect your surfaces.