Telia treated all shops to protect the customers

Telia has done everything it can in terms of security measures. The company has processed all its outlets with antimicrobial Fotonit® coating to protect its customers and staff from infectious diseases. The aim was to make the premises as safe as possible for the customers and staff. Nanoksi’s coating method has been applied to demo, card payment and queue number devices, shop counters and point of sale terminals, for example. 

Fotonit® coating is an extremely efficient coating solution that utilises modern technology to ensure a high level of hygiene around the clock. Fotonit® coating constantly disinfects surfaces, eliminating viruses and bacteria, as well as other pathogens that may have gathered on them. The coating helps make facilities and contact surfaces safer for people to visit and work in. The continuously operating disinfecting solution also works in-between cleaning times, when the pathogens typically spread.

Fotonit® coating supports the sustainability strategy

Responsibility is at the core of Telia’s work. The company wants to ensure health security through sustainable and ecological methods – by relying on nanotechnology in the fight against infectious diseases. Nanocoating solutions can be used to reduce the chemical load caused by the exceptional amount of disinfecting, which puts a strain on our health and the environment. A chemical-free nanocoating solution removes the need for traditional disinfection measures and the use of harsh chemicals.

Telia’s customers have given positive feedback about the treatment and commented that they felt very safe visiting the stores. They accounted to have experienced the Nanoksi antimicrobial coating as an important part of coronavirus measures alongside other security measures.