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Using Finnish know-how and nanotechnology, we are making the world a safer place one surface at a time. As an indication of its high degree of Finnish origin, our service has been awarded the Finnish Key Flag Symbol.

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By guaranteeing the safety of surfaces, we ensure cleanliness.

With nanocoating solutions, we can reduce the number of pathogens and harmful organic compounds and thus improve surface hygiene. Alternatively, we can make surfaces dirt-resistant and easier to clean without strong chemicals. This can all be a reality with the efficient, ecological and harmless methods we have developed.

Fotonit® – Touch-safe surfaces

Epidemics have made us realise the importance of good surface hygiene in the fight against infectious diseases. That is why we have developed a light-powered self-disinfecting coating solution that makes spaces and contact surfaces safer. 

The light-activated Fotonit® photocatalytic coating works tirelessly around the clock, destroying pathogenic viruses, bacteria, yeasts and moulds from surfaces. Surfaces remain hygienic at all times without strong chemicals, even between cleanings.

Dirt-resistant surfaces

Every day, we use indoor and outdoor spaces that have surfaces subject to heavy wear. With heavy use, the surfaces accumulate dirt that might be difficult to clean. That’s why we developed a dirt-resistant nanocoating solution.

The dirt-resistant nanocoating protects the home and property interior and exterior surfaces by preventing dirt from absorbing. Together with deep-cleaning, the coating can bring surfaces even in old spaces to look almost as good as new and make them easier to clean.

Fotonit® Air – Indoor air solution

Indoor air can feel stagnant and give symptoms to people. The cause of the stagnant air must be identified. Fotonit® Air indoor solution gives you extra time to assess possible causes for indoor air problems. 

The solution is based on a Fotonit® photocatalytic coating that reacts with visible light, destroying molecules that cause unpleasant odours in the air and on surfaces. After treatment, the indoor air is considerably cleaner, making it possible to work, while carrying out the assessment for the causes.

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