Protection against pathogens through self-activating coatings

Keeping surfaces free of microbes 24/7

Hygiene requirements have increased along with the changed circumstances. A photocatalytic coating is a precise and tireless helper when it comes to hygiene. The self-activating coating only needs light to destroy pathogens.

Finnish high-tech and know-how

In photocatalysis, light triggers a chemical reaction in which oxygen radicals react with microbes and destroy them. This is how our self-disinfecting catalysis coating can eliminate viruses, bacteria, mold spores, and other volatile organic compounds.


Proven efficiency

The effect of photocatalytic coatings by Nanoksi has been proven by researchers at the University of Tampere, Finland. Photocatalysis destroys 98 % of influenza viruses within 2 hours, in regular room light.


It only needs light! After the treatment, the photocatalytic coating is activated within a few hours. It keeps working around the clock and only needs light to stay active. The next generation sprayable photocatalytic materials from Nanoksi do not require any artificial light.


Nanoksi has extensive expertise in different coating environments. Below you can find a couple of interesting customer cases, check them out to see why our customers have chosen us and photocatalysis.

Case 1: Sales offices

Protection for customers and employees

As the need for hygiene is nowadays more pronounced, Telia are treating all their sales offices with the photocatalytic coating from Nanoksi to protect their customers and employees from viruses and microbes. The coating keeps the surfaces continuously disinfected with the help of light and is used on demo devices, card payment and queue number devices, as well as sales desks and cash terminals.

Read here (in Finnish), what Telia says about their choice.

Case 2: Service provider for elderly

A reoccurring outbreak of norovirus is conquered

Viola-kotiyhdistys ry provides elderly services in Tampere, Finland: housing, home care, restaurant services, and daily activities, including pool activities.

The coatings by Nanoksi have helped them maintain cleanliness and good hygiene in demanding spaces.

The annual norovirus epidemic outbreaks were their big challenge. After taking the photocatalytic coating into use three years ago, there have been no more norovirus epidemics. The coating keeps the surfaces free of pathogens, thus increasing the safety of the clients and employees.

Check out the customer experience of Viola-koti here.

Case 3: Grocery store

Pathogen-free surfaces

In addition to hospitals, schools, and nursing homes, even grocery stores have seen the need to implement measures to limit the spreading of pathogens. Nanoksi has done photocatalytic coatings all over Finland. Cashier areas, shopping carts, and similar surfaces that are touched numerous times daily have been treated.

The proved coating is effective against so-called non-enveloped viruses, and they disappear from surfaces within two hours. The treated surface disinfects itself continuously, meaning that it is active all the time and not only after being cleaned.


Choose to think ahead

Take effective precautions against viruses and other pathogens. Learn more about our self-activating photocatalytic coatings from our experts.