Tivoli Sariola manages safety through Finnish innovation

Safety is one of Sariola’s key values and a really important element in the funfair environment. Sariola’s staff want to ensure that customers can feel safe from the moment they arrive at the facilities. 

When Ville Sariola, CEO of Tivoli Sariola, first heard about Nanoksi’s Fotonit® photocatalytic coating, he immediately thought that the solution should be used in the funfair. Self-disinfecting Fotonit® coating was installed on all contact surfaces, including seats, handles, safety bars and belts.

Fotonit® coating, activated by light, eliminates pathogens from the surfaces working 24 hours a day. Surfaces remain hygienic without needing to apply strong chemicals. And they are safe to touch. 

Investing in health security has a significant impact on the well-being and safety of both customers and staff. Nanoksi’s antimicrobial Fotonit® coating takes care of disinfecting on behalf of the staff, which has been an enormous help at the fair. The staff only needs to wipe the surfaces a couple of times a day and that’s enough. Nanoksi’s Fotonit® coating thus helps the funfair to save on cleaning costs and reduce the use of powerful cleaning agents.

Tivoli Sariola has been very satisfied with the safety-increasing Fotonit® coating, which is why they continued its use by reapplying it for the year 2021. Funfair customers have also given positive feedback about the hygiene measures and told that they felt safe at the fair.

Coating treatment can also significantly increase the well-being and safety of the employees. The coating was also applied into the social spaces of the fair, which has significantly reduced the amount of sick leave.

“We have been highly satisfied, the coating makes our work at the fair easier and creates safety for our customers. I definitely can recommend this coating to all others too!” says Ville Sariola.