The parish made a decision that brought relief, ensured customer and work safety

Masku Church relies on Finnish Nanoksi’s Fotonit® coating to secure a high level of hygiene. Within the Church, it was soon understood that the status quo required a more sustainable solution than the disposable disinfection equipment that burden surfaces, the environment and the purse. The church began to search for a sustainable and responsible solution and, when finding Nanoksi, they approached the company swiftly. 

Masku Church is an exemplary parish for its environmental work, which was one of the reasons that Fotonit® coating was chosen for the church facilities. 

The parish has decided to utilise Nanoksi’s hybrid model, which means that both antimicrobial Fotonit® coating and dirt-repellent Nanoksi-180 coating are used. The church surfaces have been extensively treated, as there are plenty of visitors and it is of the utmost importance that the facilities are touch-safe for all. The church is not only focusing on the coronavirus epidemic but also on other surface-mediated diseases, which are a recurring problem every year.

During the coronavirus epidemic, the premises needed to be cleaned excessively, but now, thanks to the coating, the church can return to usual cleaning methods.

Coating means both high occupational safety and high customer safety in the church premises. The employees have taken a very positive and interested view on the matter,” says Sexton Eira Nokkala. When the decision to apply the coating was made, an e-mail notification was sent to the staff, who were happy to hear about the matter. The employees considered the measures to be extremely important and the coating has also brought a real relief for the cleaning staff, who have praised the responsible decision. 

Thanks to the treatment, many visitors who otherwise have been frightened by the coronavirus and had to limit their normal functions, are now also daring to visit the church premises.