Solution for creating a safer patient experience at the Mäntsälänkulma dental clinic

The importance of cleanliness is no secret in healthcare. It is of extreme importance to ensure high hygiene in the facilities. The chemical-free and long-lasting treatment can even create operating theatre-level hygiene in the spaces that have been treated with the coating.

Mäntsälänkulma Dentists relies on Finnish innovation and work when it comes to the health of their customers and staff. The dental clinic is protected by Nanoksi’s antimicrobial Fotonit® coating, which eliminates viruses and bacteria – in an effective and proven way.

At Mäntsälänkulma Dental Clinic, it was decided that the premises should offer all possible protection for both the patients and the staff. All contact surfaces that are possible to be touched by a person were treated at the dental clinic. An easy, safe and proven solution, of which sufficient information would be available, was sought for the premises. It is for these reasons that the dental clinic decided to apply Nanoksi’s self-disinfecting Fotonit® coating.

”The coating has enhanced the patient experience in terms of protection and security”

The investment into health security provides long-term and continuous protection by self-disinfecting around the clock.

Nanoksi’s Fotonit® coating solution works as an important part of proactive healthcare. The cost of preventative measures is distinctly lower than the cost of the impact of illness. The costs may initially rise, but significant savings are made in the long term. Preventing the spread of viruses reduces the amount of sick leave, which creates significant savings for the employer.

The need for enhanced cleaning practices and extensive disinfection can be eased by the antimicrobial Fotonit® coating treatment. With the help of the coating, technology takes care of disinfecting the surfaces, replacing the need for traditional disinfectants. As a result, the premises can again be cleaned with the usual cleaning methods.

Fotonit® coating not only protects people from the coronavirus, but also from other viruses and bacteria that are making their rounds each year, such as seasonal influenza and norovirus infections.

Thank you for trusting us as a partner for enhanced surface hygiene. Let’s create a safer world together, one surface at a time.