Safety is the Finnish National Theatre’s highest

At the Finnish National Theatre, the aim is to ensure that the theatre visit is as safe as it can be. All possible measures to prevent the spread of viruses on the premises are taken. The groundbreaking solution was found in a modern innovation; nanotechnology.

The Finnish National Theatre decided to treat the surfaces with Nanoksi’s antimicrobial Fotonit® coating thanks to its wide-ranging research, excellent references and high-quality customer service.

People have been working in the theatre during the pandemic, even though the performances have been suspended from time to time. Health safety and surface hygiene are also carefully taken into consideration when a performance is not ongoing. It has been considered as of extreme importance that the staff can work safely. For this reason, canteen facilities, for example, have been treated with the antimicrobial Fotonit® coating.

The theatre has acted as instructed by the authorities and has taken all possible safety measures to ensure the safety of the staff and the public. The coating has also eased the cleaners’ work. Thanks to the self-disinfecting surfaces, they no longer need to be cleaned excessively, but the premises can be kept clean with more usual cleaning methods.

The theatre is thrilled that the public can now access its performances in accordance with the current guidelines. All measures combined must have helped since there hasn’t been a single case of exposure or infection chain. 

The customers have commented that the arrangements must have been really well handled since the performances have been able to keep running. The audience has felt that it has been safe to come to the theatre. 

Excellent hygiene is to stay at the Finnish National Theatre.