Nanoksi helped to improve the level of safety for the elderly services

Viola Home Association provides services for the elderly.

The Viola Home was long bothered by a recurring and unresolved problem. Year after year, a feisty norovirus epidemic would spread among customers and staff, despite the enhanced hygiene measures. No previous measures were able to improve the situation.

It was time to try a new method for defeating the norovirus epidemic. Nanoksi applied a dirt-resistant Nanoksi-180™ coating to the pool department of the Viola home and a virus and microbe eliminating Fotonit® photocatalytic coating to the day centre toilets.

Nanoksi coatings have been aiding the maintenance of hygiene and cleanliness in these challenging spaces. Nanocoatings ended up solving the problem that has been causing trouble for the residential care facility for years – after the treatment, there no longer has been a single norovirus epidemic. 

It also created economical savings since the staff has been sick less and the cleaning of the premises has got easier. Surfaces remain hygienic without the need for special cleaning methods and the application of strong chemicals. The coating solution also enabled postponing the renovation of the premises.

“Thanks to the coating, our customer safety has improved and we have not experienced any more epidemics. This is a major factor for improving the safety of our premises,” says Elina Konsala from the Viola Home. 

Occupational safety has improved too, as epidemics no longer spread among staff.

Thanks to the dirt-repellent coating, the facilities are easier to clean and require less heavy cleaning techniques. There is no need to use strong cleaning agents in the facilities.

We increase the safety of indoor spaces with the antimicrobial Fotonit® coating and dirt-repellent Nanoksi-180 coating™. We minimise risks to health and leave behind an invisible protective shield that brings about a significant beneficial impact on society and human wellbeing. This all can be achieved with the safe and effective methods developed by us. For more about our service solutions, click here.