Korkeasaari Zoo guarantees a safe customer experience using nanotechnology

Korkeasaari Zoo decided to trust the same safety measures as they did in 2020. The park decided also this year to continue using Nanoksi’s antimicrobial Fotonit® coating with a renewed application which the Korkeasaari staff found to be a functional, reliable and easy-to-implement solution.

Korkeasaari Zoo has taken all possible measures to ensure a safe visit. A sense of safety for the customers is the park’s priority. The facilities are protected by Nanoksi’s antimicrobial Fotonit® coating so that customers feel encouraged to come on-site and know that they and their safety are cared for.

Fotonit® coating, activated by normal light, eliminates pathogens from the surfaces working 24 hours a day. Surfaces remain hygienic without needing to apply strong chemicals and disinfectants.

The coating continuously ensures a high level of hygiene and the safety of the premises, including in-between the cleaning times. 24/7 disinfection considerably increases customer safety and creates a safe working environment for the staff. Remote working is not an option in all workplaces – Fotonit® coating solution allows the park to be kept open safely.

The antimicrobial Fotonic® coating that works on both viruses and bacteria is a durable, long-lasting and proven solution. That is why Korkeasaari Zoo wants to carry on ensuring the safety of its customers and staff by effective means also in the future;

“The park will also in the future keep ensuring the safety of its customers and staff by a continuous use of coatings, along the same lines,” says Hanna Kurki, Director of Property and Environmental Management at Korkeasaari.