Investing in sustainability brought Lapland Hotels Boulevard forward with daily challenges

The cleaning of hotel rooms and sanitary facilities can be challenging from time to time. Lapland Hotels Boulevard wanted its interior with its lightly coloured surfaces to remain clean and preserve its original beauty. Therefore, dirt-resistant and cleaning facilitating Nanoksi-180™ coating was applied on the premises.

The challenge of the facilities, especially the bathrooms, was naturally cleanliness. To solve the problem, the hotel facilities were coated with Nanoksi’s dirt-resistant Nanoksi-180™ coating. Nanoksi-180™ coating that facilitates cleaning is an advanced method for protecting different types of spaces and surfaces. Dirt does not stick to or get absorbed by the treated surfaces. The dirt-resistant Nanoksi-180™ coating creates savings, brings cleanliness and a better level of hygiene to the premises, whilst at the same time increasing the life span of the property.

“Our indoor spaces must be hygienic, look beautiful and be easy to clean. That’s why we chose Nanoksi.” -Leena Turunen, Lapland Hotels Boulevard, Regional Director

Nanoksi-180™ nanocoating solution conserves the beauty of a surface as such as it is intended to be, by turning a dirt-collecting surface into a dirt-repellent one. This investment in durability extends the property life span and increases its value. 

“Nanoksi had flexible schedules. They also wanted to do the job well and thoroughly – we were able to coordinate the processes well and the end result was excellent. Everything was completed on time”

I recommend Nanoksi’s solution for any public spaces such as hotels, health resorts and spas that want to make a long-lasting investment into their facilities – Leena Turunen