Fotonit Air helped Kokkola City Theatre tackle a challenging indoor situation

Indoor air challenges place a strain on the budget of many municipalities. The cost of these is measured in billions – and they are massively prevalent in Finland.

Fotonit Air coating solution, which improves the indoor air quality, can save a property in a critical situation. Watch the video to see how our Fotonit Air solution came to the rescue for the Kokkola City Theatre in a challenging situation. The theatre found serious indoor air quality issues that led to the consideration of terminating the use of the premises.

The staff was showing symptoms. We had to consider whether the premises could be worked in or whether the schedules would have to be postponed. Then we figured out that Nanoksi would have a treatment that could aid the situation. Last Autumn, Fotonit Air coating was applied on the indoor surfaces. After the treatment, people have been able to return to the premises and carry on with functions.

“Thanks to the Fotonit coating solution, we have been able to return to the premises and continue with rehearsals and performances. We are delighted with how fast it was possible to carry out the treatment. It’s been a great help to us – truly a lifesaver.”

House surfaces can contain bacteria, moulds and yeasts that may worsen the indoor air quality. That’s why we have developed Fotonit Air indoor air solution, of which impact lasts for years. Treating the walls and ceilings with Fotonit® photocatalytic coating cleans the air noticeably by eliminating allergens, odours and microbes from the surfaces. It is based on the Fotonit® photocatalytic coating, which helps us to clean the air safely and effectively.

The photocatalytic coating reacts with visible light, destroying unpleasant odour-causing molecules from the air and surfaces. After spreading the coating, the indoor air becomes remarkably cleaner.

The indoor air solution gives more time to investigate possible indoor air problems. The treatment enables carrying on working in the premises, whilst investigating structural problems.