A real renovation alternative

The Nanoksi-180™ nanoparticle coating solution is an environmentally friendly and safe way to protect and recoat surfaces in the bathroom and kitchen. The treatment facilitates the cleaning of the surfaces and significantly increases the life span of the house.

Mervi from Raisio had her home surfaces coated with the dirt-resistant Nanoksi-180™ coating. The main concern in the bathroom was its cleaning, the calcification of showers and the yellowing of tiles. A steam cleaning was tried for solving the problem, but it only helped for a couple of months, after which it had to be repeated again.

The house’s challenges were solved by Nanoksi’s multi-phased deep cleaning and long-lasting nanocoating. After the nanocoating treatment, the cleaning of the space got much easier, as the Nanoksi-180™ coating turned the easily staining surface into a dirt-repellent one. Long-lasting nanocoating treatment eases everyday life for even decades. The treatment saves time, muscle strength and cleaning agents used in cleaning. 

“The application went smoothly. I can warmly recommend Nanoksi to all busy families and for those who want to be let out easier when it comes to cleaning.”

The coating makes the bathroom cleaner and more hygienic – all with less effort.