Frequently asked questions

Fotonit® coating can be used on almost any surface, such as wood, stone, concrete, marble.
1. The coating is activated by light and airborne water vapour. 2. The activated coating forms reactive oxygen compounds. 3. Oxygen compounds are very short-lived as they react with microbes and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) on the surface. 4. The microbes and VOCs decompose while oxygen compounds are converted to water and carbon dioxide.
Originally the technology itself has been researched at the Tampere University for years. We have developed the service in co-operation with our university born subsidiary Plasmonics Oy.
Our new generation plasmonic coating solution does not require special or additional light in order to activate, it works extremely effectively in normal room light. The secret lies in the optic antennae, small particles, that are added into the titanium dioxide creating a so called plasmonic resonance in nearly all light wave lengths.
If the chemical reaction is perfect, it will form water and carbon dioxide. In addition, it is possible that lighter hydrocarbon is formed. If the heavier hydrocarbon breaks in the middle, it will form two lighter ones. All products are harmless. The human body produces the same free oxygen radicals in its metabolism.
We co-research with a number of Finnish universities and accredited research institutions in order to ensure high quality of our work. We work together with Tampere University, Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Metropolilab, SGS, Ecobio Oy, Eurovir, Eurofins Scientific, Sweco Oy and our subsidiary Plasmonics Oy (LLC).
Yes. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recognized and approved the safe use of titanium dioxide for example as a colourant in drugs and cosmetics, including sun lotions. Titanium dioxide is a widely used dye and e.g. the color of the white paint comes from it.
We follow all regulations and rules set by the European Union. Nanoparticles are controlled, and nanoparticles, that are used in our products, are not regulated; they are not harmful and are used in foodstuff.
Fotonit® coating activates within 24 – 48 hours of application depending on the amount of light. Keeping the lights on will speed up the activation of the coating.
Fotonit® destroys viruses very effectively, up to 99,99%. The process is based on combustion which eliminates everything organic.
Yes. Viruses have multiple transmission paths, and one of them is from touch surfaces. Studies show that, for example the corona virus can stay viable on cardboard for 24 hrs, metal 48 hrs and plastic up to 72 hrs. Norovirus, which is highly contagious, spreads especially from dirty, contaminated surfaces.
The effectiveness of Fotonit® photocatalytic coating has been proven in a research carried out at the Tampere University. In the photocatalytic reaction, 98% of influenza viruses were destroyed in normal room light within two hours.
Our company is entirely Finnish. Our service has been awarded the Finnish Key Flag Symbol as a sign of its Finnish origins.