SODEXO FINLAND: “We introduced a coating to curb the spread of viruses”

Nanoksi Finland is featured in Sodexo Finland’s Social Responsibility Report 2021 on page 39. Text has been translated by Nanoksi Finland.  Full report in Finnish can be viewed/read under the link

Many new innovations have been created during the peculiar pandemic times. These innovations have helped companies to adapt to the ever changing circumstances. One of these innovations is Nanoksi Finland’s Fotonit® photocatalytic coating that effectively destroys viruses, bacteria and other impurities on surfaces and in their surrounding air. Domestic and international interest towards the solution is continuously increasing.

On a global scale, Sodexo develops policies to help their customers and clients to secure the working environment, also amid the pandemic. Sodexo in Finland has introduced the self-disinfecting Fotonit®photocatalytic coating, that actives under the available light at any given place and time, and effectively destroys viruses, bacteria, mold spores and other volatile organic compounds on surfaces and in the surrounding air. 

Studies show that under normal room light photocatalysis destroys 98% of influenza viruses within two hours. Fotonit® coating is very durable. Recommended re-application cycle is 12 months on surfaces that are in hard use.

– Fotonit® forms an active coating on the surfaces. The coating works against impurities and pathogens. It does not replace cleaning but enables a frequent cleaning pattern. It is also more effective and safer an option than traditional disinfecting. Fotonit® coating gives additional protection in spaces that are busy and have a lot of people, says Ilkka Pentikäinen, Head of Service Operations.

Fotonit® is an award-winner in the international Aviation X Lab Accelerate competition. The annual competition is organized by aviation giants Airbus, GE Aviation, Emirates, Thales and Collins Aerospace, and they search for new innovations. The Finnish product stood out with its efficacy in technology, long-lasting features and diversity. For Fotonit® the win opened doors to international markets.

Read the full report here.