Nanoksi & Plasmonics

Nanoksi Finland, self-disinfecting coating service provider and start-up company Plasmonics have merged

Published in Kauppalehti on 26.3.2022

Companies will continue to operate under their own names in the group. Together they aim even more aggressively to the international markets.

Nanoksi Finland, a company that specializes in nanocoatings and surface hygiene solutions, and Tampere University spin-off, nanotechnology company Plasmonics merged at the start of March 2022. Plasmonics continues their operations as the group’s subsidiary. Companies announced the merger on Thursday 26th March.

The group’s target is to reduce the need of chemicals. About five years ago, Nanoksi introduced a self-disinfecting coating that utilizes room light to reduce the amount of viruses and bacteria on surfaces and indoor air. The coating disinfects the surface as soon as light hits it. The phenomenon is called photocatalysis.

“Our aim is a chemical free future. Here we want to be the international forerunner, and the merger offered us the necessary tools for this”, says Nanoksi CEO Tomi Viitanen in the announcement.

According to the companies, the merger improves the fluency in product development and permits better funding opportunities. The group’s aim is to enter the international markets more aggressively. According to Nanoksi, they have multiple on-going discussions with various parties about expanding the business and product development.

There has been interest especially towards the technology that Nanoksi and Plasmonics use. It is possible to improve the features of the products without having to change the production method remarkably.

“Photocatalytic technology will be used to improve the features of the products. We have very effective patented solutions in this area”, says Plasmonics CEO and Nanoksi Innovation Director Pasi Keinänen in the group statement.