FOTONIT® coating protects the elderly

The pandemic has had a particular effect on the lives of the elderly and their care homes. Care homes feature numerous contact surfaces that can facilitate the spread of infectious diseases and dangerous viruses amongst residents. The elderly often have reduced resistance to such threats, making infectious diseases more dangerous for them. The surfaces must be clean so that they do not transfer microbes. By improving hygiene levels and taking proactive steps, we can increase the safety in care homes substantially.

Our solution makes facilities safer with the help of nanotechnology and Finnish know-how. We developed FOTONIT® photocatalytic coating with the goal of improving facilities’ hygiene levels and increasing safety. The FOTONIT® coating solution ensures round-the-clock surface hygiene, making facilities healthier for their residents. 

The FOTONIT® coating prevents the spread of infectious diseases from all surfaces. Effective hygiene measures mean that we can reduce instances of sickness amongst residents and staff in care homes, as well as preventing future epidemics. We can achieve all of this by implementing effective and safe measures. Our chemical-free and long-lasting solution disinfects facilities around the clock, efficiently destroying bacteria, viruses and other pathogens that may have accumulated on the surfaces. 

Our nanocoating solutions have saved care homes from an annual problem

High hygiene levels are of utmost importance in care homes serving the elderly. The Tampere-based Viola-kotiyhdistys ry care home association managed to solve a long-term problem it had been facing by using our nanocoating solutions. The care home was plagued by a recurring norovirus epidemic each year, despite intensified hygiene practices. The care home had tried all imaginable intensification measures, yet they had not had the desired effect. The Viola home was in desperate need of new, nanotechnology-based solutions. Our dirt-repelling coating was applied in the facility’s wash rooms, whilst the FOTONIT® coating was used in the toilets to eliminate viruses and bacteria. Thanks to nanocoatings, the premises became safer for the residents. Our coating solutions helped the facility overcome an annually recurring epidemic, which has not occurred at the Viola home since the treatment. 

“Thanks to the coating, customer safety has improved and we have not experienced any more epidemics, which is a significant factor improving customer safety,” says Elina Konsala from the Viola Home. 

Let us protect your surfaces.