Nanotechnology to support industrial production

Hygiene is pivotal in industrial production facilities. Facilities and surfaces can be vulnerable to microbial growth, and effective measures are required to prevent the risk of bacteria spreading. Due to these heightened hygiene requirements, cleanliness is a topic no one can ignore. 

When remote working is not an option

Production workers do not have the option of working remotely. There are a huge number of workers in industrial workplaces whose health and safety must be safeguarded. There is constant human contact in break rooms, for example, where diseases could be spread. With antimicrobial FOTONIT® coating we can protect break rooms in workplaces within the industrial sector, for example. 

Break rooms contain numerous surfaces that are exposed to constant touching. Surfaces can spread millions of harmful bacteria and viruses between people – and enhanced cleaning of these surfaces requires substantial resources. 

We are responding to the threat posed by infectious diseases with our nanotechnology and Finnish know-how. We can treat handles, tables, chairs and all kinds of contact surfaces that a person might touch. The worst locations for bacteria colonies are the handles of doors and cabinets, buttons, and light switches, where bacteria and viruses can survive for months, if not years. Fotonit® coating is applied to all contact surfaces, ensuring they are disinfected around the clock. 

The pandemic has taught us to anticipate the future. We are paying more and more attention to safety in workplaces, and this safety can be increased with effective nanocoating solutions as an element of important overall safety. 

We make surfaces touch-safe and self-disinfecting, preventing the transmission of diseases between people. FOTONIT® coatings help improve the hygiene of surfaces, reducing the numbers of pathogens and harmful organic compounds found on them. We can do all of this with our effective, safe and ecologically friendly processes. The treatment is carried out promptly, with no need to stop industrial production during the coating work.

The FOTONIT® coating protects employees from diseases in normal conditions, too, by creating a safe workplace. Efficient hygiene helps us reduce instances of employee illness and prevent future epidemics. In terms of the future, it is vital that we can detect and prevent the spread of viruses in good time. 

We can also make surfaces dirt repellent and thus easier to clean without the use of harsh chemicals. Dirt-repellent  Nanoksi-180™ coating protects the surfaces in the property and extends their service life by effectively preventing grease and dirt from being absorbed, for example.

Let us protect your surfaces.