Health and safety in travel

Every day we travel in vehicles in which the surfaces have been touched by thousands of hands before ours. Millions of disease-bearing viruses, bacteria, yeasts and moulds live on these surfaces. We wondered what we could do to make everyday life and travel safer? 

We have developed the self-disinfecting FOTONIT® coating solution to help us travel and live more normally once again. We make facilities safer using Finnish know-how and nanotechnology. FOTONIT® coating continuously disinfects the surfaces treated, requiring only normal room lighting conditions to work. The disinfection process is activated even in low light conditions, and works constantly to make facilities safer for people. The treatment lasts on surfaces for up to a year without reapplication.

We can also make surfaces dirt repellent with  Nanoksi-180™ coating. This coating makes it significantly easier to keep facilities clean, as well as extending the surfaces’ service life and reducing the facilities’ lifecycle costs.

International award winning nanocoating innovation ensures we can travel safely

Both passengers and staff touch lots of surfaces in an airport every day, from the trays at the security checks to handrails and counters. Surfaces that thousands of hands have touched before theirs. Harmful and dangerous viruses and bacteria can spread from person to person through contact with these surfaces. 

Earlier on in 2021, we participated in the international Aviation X Lab competition, beating more than 100 competitive innovations to come first. The objective of the competition was to find innovative and customer-focused ideas that could help improve health and safety measures in the aviation sector, as well as restoring trust in travel during and after the pandemic. The competition was implemented in cooperation with AREA 2071.

The efficiency, longevity and diversity of the Finnish technology set the innovation apart from competitors. The FOTONIT® coating ensures that travel can be made safer. Our nanocoating solution improves health and safety measures in not only the aviation sector, but also a range of other sectors, therefore having a significant impact on the entirety of society.

In making their decision, the competition jury paid particular attention to the potential the Fotonit coating has to increase safety in almost any sector. Victory in this global competition is a major recognition of Nanoksi’s work, as well as a natural step on our company’s internationalisation journey. As well as Finland, we also operate in countries such as the UK, Sweden, Estonia, France and Ukraine.

Success in this competition will open doors to new areas for Finnish innovation. As a result of this, we also took our solution to the UAE, where we carried out extensive coating treatments at Dubai International Airport, which is the third busiest airport in the world. We were delighted to be offered this opportunity to work with Emirates Airlines and Dubai International Airport, helping to create a safer way to travel.

A new normal for the surfaces treated with nanocoating

The FOTONIT® coating minimises health risks and future epidemic waves caused by the spread of seasonal influenza, normal flu, and noroviruses as people return to their normal everyday lives. Our coating helps save on cleaning costs by reducing the need for enhanced cleaning and harsh chemicals. Our solution is a more effective alternative to enhanced cleaning measures. It ensures better surface hygiene that users can depend upon around the clock. If we can boost health in our environment and save on costs, why would we not do so?

Tampere Tram and Turku urban traffic company Turun Kaupunkiliikenne Oy have also opted to protect their passengers with our solution. Our service has been awarded the Key Flag symbol to indicate of its Finnish origins.

Let us protect your surfaces.