FOTONIT® photocatalytic coating supports healthcare

Surface-mediated bacteria and viruses are spread through contact-based infections between patients in care facilities and hospitals. Patients in such facilities often have reduced resistance to such threats, making infectious diseases more dangerous for them. The surfaces must be clean so that they do not transfer microbes. The importance of cleanliness is no secret in healthcare. Maintaining appropriate hygiene levels can significantly increase patient safety. 

Nanoksi’s FOTONIT® coating is an important element in overall safety and supports the work of those responsible for hygiene. Healthcare sites were our first customers when we initially developed our photocatalytic coating in 2018. Early on, the majority of our coatings were applied in hospitals, care homes and cleanroom laboratories. 

In hospitals and other healthcare facilities, ensuring high hygiene levels is pivotal. Chemical-free and long-lasting treatment can even create operating theatre-level hygiene for all spaces that have been treated with the coating. The FOTONIT® coating works around the clock to disinfect the facilities continuously. 

During the pandemic, the need for hygienic surfaces and safe facilities for people has increased across all sectors. As a result of this, the demand for self-disinfecting coatings has increased, which is why we developed a service suitable for almost all facilities. The FOTONIT® coating was developed to work in indoor lighting conditions without separate additional lighting. Today, we have already made thousands of sites safe for people with the help of nanotechnology and our Finnish know-how. 

Nanocoatings proven effective at critical sites

FOTONIT® coating solution is an effective and durable way of ensuring ongoing hygiene. Our solution, which is effective in normal indoor lighting conditions, works constantly to disinfect facilities, even between cleans. Thanks to the light wounds, or so-called harvesters added to the coating, even dimmer lighting is sufficient to initiate the reaction, meaning that the coating does not require additional light to intensify the reaction. Our solution, which is based on Finnish expertise, ensures cleanliness and safety around the clock. 

Unlike with traditional disinfectants, bacteria and viruses cannot develop resistance to photocatalysis. The reaction the technology is based on uses combustion, which resistance cannot be developed to. 

We can also make surfaces dirt repellent and easy to clean with Nanoksi-180™ coating, without the use of chemicals. Our dirt-repellent coating reduces the number of resources required for cleaning and increases the surfaces’ service life by years. The service has been awarded the Key Flag symbol in recognition of its Finnish origins.

By securing surfaces, we safeguard health.