FOTONIT® coating solutions create safe spaces to protect school children

In buildings with indoor air problems, the air can start feeling stuffy and children can end up with a variety of symptoms. Indoor air problems can result in permanent health issues, and even the slightest of problems can cause trouble concentrating and reduce quality of life. These kinds of harm are typical environmental problem areas, and are common in both old and new buildings. 

The surfaces in facilities can provide ideal conditions for bacteria, moulds and yeasts that have a detrimental effect on indoor air. Poor indoor air quality significantly increases the concentrations of viruses. Every year in Finland, long-term exposure to fine particulates causes serious risks to health.

Substantially cleaner indoor air with the help of nanocoating

The Fotonit Air concept we have developed is based on the FOTONIT® photocatalysis coating solution, which helps us to clean the air safely and effectively. This coating reacts to visible light, destroying molecules, allergens and air-borne pollutants that cause unpleasant odours in the air and on surfaces. We have used our solution to provide protection in a number of educational institutions. The air that circulates past walls and ceilings treated with the coating is noticeably cleaner. Our solution provides facilities with more time to investigate their indoor air problems, allowing work to continue taking place as the investigations are carried out. Find out more about Fotonit Air indoor air solution.

Fotonit Air helped Kokkola City Theatre tackle a challenging indoor situation

Serious problems with indoor air had arisen at Kokkola City Theatre, causing personnel to start experiencing symptoms and the theatre management to consider whether it was wise for the personnel to continue working in the premises. The risk was that work having to be interrupted would have had knock-on consequences for the performance schedule for the rest of the year.

“Thanks to the Fotonit Air coating solution, we have been able to return to the premises and continue with rehearsals and performances.. We are delighted with how fast it was possible to carry out the treatment. It’s been a great help to us – truly a life saver.”

The Fotonit Air solution allows users to continue working in the premises whilst structural issues are under investigation.

The hybrid model combines our dirt-repelling and antimicrobial FOTONIT® coatings in the same facility

We can make premises hygienic and dirt repellent. The FOTONIT® coating we have developed disinfects surfaces continuously, ensuring they are hygienic and safe to touch. Our FOTONIT® coating effectively prevents viruses and bacteria from spreading in the facility, ensuring a high level of surface hygiene. The coating is activated in normal room lighting conditions and is self-disinfecting, meaning use of disinfectants is no longer necessary once the treatment has been applied. 

Our dirt-repelling Nanoksi-180 coating helps surfaces repel dirt and makes them easier to clean. Once treated, warm water and a microfibre cloth are all that is needed to keep the surface clean. We offer a hybrid model for facilities, combining different nanocoatings. Read more about our service solutions.

By making surfaces safer, we can protect health.