FOTONIT® coating protects the customer experience in shopping centres

As we move around shopping centres and various kinds of business premises, we touch numerous railings, buttons and other surfaces that have been touched by thousands of hands before us. Surfaces can spread bacteria, infectious diseases and viruses. And enhanced cleaning of these surfaces requires lots of resources. Shopping centres see constant encounters between people, all of which could spread infectious diseases. We might wonder how we can ever return to shopping centres and normal leisure activities safely?

Viruses and bacteria can live on surfaces for several months, or even years. The most effective way to ensure hygiene is by implementing a continuous and long-term solution. We use our FOTONIT® coating to treat handles, railings, counter tops and all kinds of contact surfaces that could spread diseases. The coating disinfects the facilities around the clock, ensuring constant hygiene, even between cleans. 

Protect the health of your customers and staff with the proven FOTONIT® coating solution

FOTONIT® photocatalytic coating is particularly suitable for facilities that see large numbers of people. It constantly disinfects surfaces, eliminating viruses and bacteria, as well as other pathogens that may have gathered on them. The coating helps make contact surfaces and facilities safer places for people to visit and work in. 

Our solution uses nanotechnology and room lighting. FOTONIT® photocatalytic coating, which is activated in normal lighting conditions, effectively prevents the spread of various infectious diseases via surfaces. There is no need for additional lighting to enhance the coating’s effect. Thanks to the advanced technology, even dim light is enough to activate the reaction. 

Responsibility is key in our work. We aim to make facilities safer using sustainable and ecologically friendly methods. We reduce the chemical load needed and improve the ergonomics of those working in the cleaning sector by adopting advanced technology and chemical-free solutions.

Our nanocoating solutions can increase properties’ lifecycle by reducing the need to use harsh chemicals. We can also make surfaces dirt repellent with Nanoksi-180™ coating, which stops dirt and grease from adhering to the surface. The treatment extends’ surfaces service life, makes it easier to keep premises clean, and helps reduce cleaning costs.

Let us protect your surfaces.