FOTONIT® coating ensures a safe customer experience in beauty salons

You step into the salon. Inside, you see contact surfaces everywhere, surfaces that thousands of hands have touched before you. The pandemic has caused us to give more thought to how we provide a safe customer experience. How can we ensure health and safety in commercial premises that cater for numerous people every day?

In beauty salons, avoiding contact with other people is difficult, because remote working is not possible in sectors where staff are required to be physically present to provide a service. The only way to stop the spread of infectious diseases is by advance prevention. Using our solution, we can improve surface hygiene in facilities by using modern and efficient methods. 

Our nanocoating solutions help us to improve surface hygiene, reducing the amounts of pathogens and harmful organic compounds on them. The FOTONIT® photocatalytic coating works around the clock, helping make the premises safer for those who use them. By using the FOTONIT® coating in business premises, you can provide even safer spaces for your staff and customers to work in and visit. This improves staff satisfaction and the customer experience. Our solutions improving health and safety also increase wellbeing. We can also make surfaces dirt repellent and thus easier to clean without the use of harsh chemicals. The dirt-repellent coating prevents dirt and grease from getting absorbed into the surface, protecting it and prolonging its service life. We can achieve all of this with safe and effective processes.  

Chemical-free and ecological nanocoatings to protect your customers

Responsibility is an important part of Nanoksi’s strategy. Our nanocoating solution is a chemical-free and sustainable alternative to enhanced cleaning. By using self-disinfecting surfaces, you can safely reduce the use of disposable means of protection in beauty salons, for example, which also reduces the amount of unnecessary waste produced. 

Unlike with traditional disinfectants, bacteria and viruses cannot develop resistance to photocatalysis. The reaction the technology is based on uses combustion, which resistance cannot be developed to. 

The importance of a safe customer experience cannot be overstated. Thanks to our nanocoating treatment, your employees and customers can meet safely in care settings. The treatment can also significantly reduce staff absences due to illness, thereby saving on costs. The decrease in illnesses also increases the productivity of staff. If we can increase health in the working environment and save on costs, why would not we do so?

We place Nanoksi’s FOTONIT® stickers around the facilities as a sign of hygienic spaces and a responsible operator. Let us protect your surfaces.