Using FOTONIT® coating

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Using FOTONIT® coating

We have a dream. A dream of a happier and healthier world population. We use Finnish nanotechnology based innovations to make facilities safer by coating  the surfaces in them. Our  FOTONIT® photocatalytic coating solution disinfects continuously by destroying microbes as they land on the coated surface. FOTONIT® is developed in collaboration with various Finnish universities and accredited research institutions.

This is how it works: FOTONIT® solution is sprayed on the surfaces. The small particles – called harvesters – in the titanium dioxide base solution, react to normal room light and form an invisible, protective, self-disinfecting coating on the surface.  The phenomenon is called photocatalysis. Tests show, that in only few hours after application, the hygiene level is comparable to that of a hospital operating theatre. Unlike to traditional disinfectants, bacteria and viruses are not able to develop resistance to photocatalysis. The reaction that happens is combustion.

Our nanocoating solutions can be widely used: from healthcare to public areas to travelling. Proper hygiene measures guarantee your customers and staff a safe environment. Our nanocoating solution increases the sense of security, and lets your customers and staff know that their safety is your priority. The solution is non-toxic. long-lasting and environmentally friendly. FOTONIT® coating reduces cleaning expenses as there is no need for strong chemicals and detergents in the cleaning process. It also can also reduce staff absences and medical costs.  Nanocoating solutions also increase facilities’ life-cycle and make cleaning easier.

Responsibility is the key in our work. Our service has been awarded the Finnish Service Key Flag symbol to indicate its Finnish origin.

Our Nanoksi FOTONIT® stickers indicate safe and microbe-free touch surfaces. We leave our sticker wherever possible.