FOTONIT® – Surfaces protected by light

Every day we visit spaces where surfaces have been touched by thousands of hands before us. On these surfaces, live and thrive millions of pathogenic viruses, bacteria, yeasts and moulds. 

Today’s scientific research increases understanding and transparency about why we get sick and why diseases spread. The rapid spread of infectious viruses and bacteria through contact surfaces has contributed significantly to global health problems. Epidemics have made us understand the importance of good surface hygiene as part of the fight against infectious diseases.

Scientific research also offers ways to fight against these invisible pathogens. We support healthcare and provide high-tech solutions to improve surface hygiene. That’s why we developed a coating solution that self-disinfects with the power of light, FOTONIT® photocatalysis coating, with which we make spaces and contact surfaces safer for people.

Self-disinfecting surfaces promote health and well-being and the principles of sustainable development, as they provide cleaner contact surfaces without chemicals, utilizing technology instead of toxins.

FOTONIT® photocatalysis coating based on nanotechnology kills more than 98 percent of common and familiar bacteria and viruses, such as corona and noroviruses, coli, listeria, and salmonella bacteria.

Fotonit® Benefits

Hygiene no longer depends on manual work or work efficiency. Reducing illnesses and a clean environment improves a person’s quality of life and increases well-being. Find out about the operating principle of photocatalytic coating at the end of the page.

  • Ensures good surface hygiene to fight against infectious diseases.
  • Minimises risks as flu and other infectious diseases begin to spread again, when people return to work and hobbies.
  • Safe spaces and clean surfaces increase the company and employer image.
  • Reducing illnesses increases staff productivity and reduces medical costs.
  • Reducing the need for heavy cleaning and strong chemicals translates into savings on cleaning costs.

Main features of our service

All interior surfaces are sprayed with our Fotonit photocatalytic coating, which

  • activates within 24 hours of application
  • is invisible, flexible and porous
  • is suitable for all surface materials
  • improves indoor air quality

An annual re-application is recommended. Our service has been awarded the Finnish Key Flag symbol as a sign of its Finnish origin.

Our customers speak for us

We aim to make the world a safer place one surface at a time. Over the years, we have applied thousands of coatings in private homes, commercial premises such as shops, shopping centres and amusement parks, as well as public spaces such as schools, hospitals and assisted living facilities. Read more about why our customers chose Nanoksi Fotonit photocatalytic coating.

The Daily Mail’s Experience – How to keep people safe during the pandemic

Viola-koti – Coating solutions beat the norovirus epidemic

Viola-kotiyhdistys provides services for the elderly. Nanoksi was called in to battle the annual vigorous norovirus epidemic that swept through customers and staff. Nanoksi applied a dirt-resistant coating in the pool department and day center’s washrooms. Fotonit photocatalytic coating was applied in the day center toilets to destroy all microbes. They have not had recurring norovirus epidemics since the coatings were applied. Viola-kotiyhdistys benefited in many ways: staff was ill less often and cleaning became easier, which reduced various costs. The surfaces remained hygienic without special cleaning and strong chemicals. They were able to postpone their planned renovation.

Watch the video about Viola-koti’s customer experience on Nanoksi coating solutions

Telia – photocatalytic coating increased the safety in Telia’s branches

The aim was to make the premises safer for both customers and employees, therefore surfaces in all Telia’s branches were treated with Fotonit photocatalytic coating that destroys microbes that land on it. Only light is needed to keep the coating continuously self-disinfecting. Enhanced protection was needed due to the covid pandemic. Fotonit was applied on e.g. demo devices, card payment terminals, queueing number devices, counters and cashiers.

This is how photocatalysis works

  1. The coating is activated by light and airborne water vapour.
  2. The activated coating forms reactive oxygen compounds.
  3. Oxygen compounds are very short-lived as they react with microbes and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) on the surface.
  4. The microbes and VOCs decompose while oxygen compounds are converted to water and carbon dioxide.

Proven to work

The Fotonit® photocatalytic coating has been proven to work by a study conducted at the University of Tampere. The photocatalysis is capable of destroying 98% of influenza viruses, among other things, in two hours under normal room light.

Want to know more? Ask for the research results

The functionality of the Fotonit photocatalytic coating can be tested by various surface hygiene measuring methods. The ATP (adenosine triphosphate) method is the one we use the most.

ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) is a cellular metabolite. The ATP measurement describes the amount of organic dirt on a surface. The measurement is based on the ATP–luciferase reaction which produces light. The meter reports the amount in relative light units (RLU). The lower the number, the less organic the dirt that acts as a breeding ground for microbes and viruses exists on the surface.

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