It’s safe to visit Hertsi

The shopping centre Hertsi invests in a comprehensive security solution through powerful measures. In spring 2021, the shopping centre applied the Nanoksi Finland Oy’s antimicrobial Fotonit® coating, which continuously disinfects surfaces, eliminating viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. Nanoksi’s self-disinfecting Fotonit® coating is a Finnish innovation of which effect lasts up to a year without the need for reapplications.

The same coating is relied on by hospitals, care homes and many other healthcare facilities. The nanocoating was originally developed for these healthcare sector’s sites with high hygiene needs.

Nanoksi Finland Oy’s Fotonit® coating makes visiting the Hertsi shopping centre safe for customers and increases its personnel’s safety at work. Hertsi is not only focused on the coronavirus epidemic, as the coating will also be effective against the norovirus, seasonal influenza and other seasonal infectious diseases. This will, among other benefits, protect the staff from disease and significantly reduce the need for sick leave. Comprehensive take on safety has been a priority at Hertsi already for a while.

When designing comprehensive safety solutions, the contact surfaces as a route of infection must be taken into account. They carry a significant risk of catching a disease. The coating is applied to all Hertsi’s contact surfaces that may be touched by people, such as elevator buttons, handrails at levels and in escalators, toilet contact surfaces, and advertising displays. 

The main priority of the shopping centre Hertsi is to ensure a safe environment for both the customers and staff, which is why Hertsi has taken all possible steps to meet the increased hygiene requirements. The shopping centre also has many different reminders about safe distances, washing hands and wearing a mask. Thanks to the measures taken, Hertsi is a spacious and safe place to visit. 

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