Effective hygiene with catalytic coating

In order to maintain the hygiene level at a high level, effective disinfection is required. Nanoksi’s catalytic coating provides a lot of power for maintaining surface hygiene.

Catalytic coating for home

Many viruses and pathogens are spread not only by close contact, but also by surfaces. The general situation is, for example, that with a hand protected by a cough, the door handle is touched, from which the pathogen infects the next one that touches the handle. Good hand hygiene prevents the spread of many infectious diseases, but especially in everyday haste, it is often easily forgotten.

Catalytic coating has been used for years in healthcare and other high-hygiene applications. With constantly evolving technology, this solution can be provided to improve surface hygiene even in households or, for example, in public areas of housing companies.

The catalytic coating is installed by spraying the substance on the surfaces that are most commonly touched with your hand. Such places typically include door handles, handrails, platforms, armrests, circuit breakers and the surrounding areas of these places. The coating does not appear and feels not in use in any way, but does its cleaning work discreetly using light. The activation of the coating in the dark has been enhanced by the addition of small amounts of silver, which in itself is known as an antimicrobial agent. The catalytic coating is non-toxic and harmless to humans and the environment.

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