Bathrooms and toiletsnanocoatings

Has your bathroom already seen its best days? With careful cleaning and nanocoating, the washrooms last longer and get a fresh look – at a fraction of the cost of renovation!

Regular maintenance of the bathroom ensures pleasant washing times and prevents moisture damage. Nanoksi’s professionals clean your washroom thoroughly, renew silicone seams and repair, if necessary, cracked tiles, for example. The space is then treated with a protective agent using nanotechnology, which prevents the absorption of dirt.

The nanocoating effectively protects bathroom surfaces from limescale, grease, detergents and other impurities. After the treatment, it is also easier to clean the washrooms, as in most cases warm water and a cleaning agent made of microfiber are sufficient for cleaning. The protected surface can withstand tens of thousands of wipes.

Deep cleaning and protection of Mervin bathroom with nano-coating

The nanocoating is completed quickly

Nanoksi makes nanocoatings in bathrooms on a daily basis and has gained experience from thousands of objects. Our professionals work fast, so the coating work with us only takes 1-2 days as a whole. The facilities are fully available often the day after work begins.

Nanocoating of sauna benches

Keep the benches beautiful for longer and increase their lifespan. The treatment of new benches with nanocoating makes them easier to care for. We do not recommend coating old benches, as the wood cannot be cleaned sufficiently after commissioning.

Calculate your bathroomthe price of nanocoating

With our nifty price calculator, you can quickly get a preliminary offer on your bathroom maintenance and nanocoating.

By filling in your details, you will immediately receive a preliminary price via e-mail. Our experts will call you no later than the next business day regarding your contact and discuss the destination with you in more detail. You can also ask us to visit the estimate at the same time.