The surfaces of bathrooms and kitchens are subject to heavy consumption. Nanocoating is an affordable and ecological alternative to complete renovation. The treatment increases the service life of the surfaces by years and makes them easier to clean.

With Nanoksi, new surfaces last longer and even the old ones are made to look like new. The coating we use provides invisible and breathable protection that makes the surfaces dirt and grease repellent.

Nanocoating is fast. It will be ready in a couple of days and the premises will be fully available within 24 hours of the start of work.

Our service always includes deep cleaning and nanocoating of facilities. When agreed separately, we also carry out the necessary maintenance work, such as seam repairs and slab replacements. Nanocoating is subject to a household allowance.

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Why choose Nanoksi?

A fully domestic company

100% quality guarantee for work

5-year material warranty

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