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Keep the façade of your property in shape. Nanocoating improves the wear resistance of hard-wearing surfaces and prevents dirt from being absorbed into structures. Almost all coatings used by Nanoksi provide protection also against graffiti.

Nanocoating prevents, among other things, the absorption of oils, pollutants, water and urine into the substrate. The treatment keeps the surfaces clean and impressive for longer time. Cleaning is also easier, as the coating easily releases chewing gums, lichen, algae and ice.

The nanocoating is excellently absorbed on the porous surface of natural stone, for example, creating a high-strain and abrasion resistant protection. The coating does not affect the breathability of the substrate as it does not form a paint-like film.

Outdoor nanocoating can be done on walls, floors, paving and metal surfaces, for example. Nanoksi’s range of protective materials includes a customized solution for almost all surface materials. Our work is always a complete service that includes both deep cleaning and nanocoating.

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Protect your façade from graffiti

The ability of an unprotected surface to repel graffiti is almost non-existent and even if the surfaces are eventually cleaned by expensive graffiti removal, the concrete surface, for example, usually no longer looks the same.

Nanocoating provides effective graffiti protection. Thanks to the coating, stains can be removed during cleaning, and the work does not necessarily require a graffiti removal factor.

New and old surfaces are always thoroughly cleaned so that the nanocoating forms a strong graffiti protection on the surface. Graffiti protection treatment should be done in connection with graffiti removal, in which case the surface must be cleaned in any case. In graffiti protection, we always use the best nanocoatings on the market, which have been tested to suit the demanding conditions in Finland.

Nanoksi also makes sacrificial graffiti preservative treatments. This makes graffiti removal even easier, but the treatment must be repeated after cleaning. In this case, graffiti practically leaves with warm water.

Prevent oil damage with nanocoating

Oil leaking from machines and engines is a problem in many yards. If the oil gets absorbed deep into the rock, the paving can be completely destroyed in the worst case scenario. Nanocoating prevents the absorption of harmful substances and makes cleaning easy.

In addition to yard paving, the coating can be used in garages and parking garages, for example. Nanoksi’s experts will always look for a solution that suits your target, which will be implemented quickly, but the result will last for a long time!

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