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The hotel bathrooms, institutional kitchens and many other corporate facilities are in more frequent use. Nanocoating makes even old spaces look almost new, the surfaces are protected and their sanitation is easier.

Coating is a cost-effective way to refresh the look of the space, as the costs are significantly lower than the renovation. The use of nanocoating also increases customer satisfaction, as clean surfaces increase comfort. In addition, cleaning is easier, as the treated surface repels dirt and reduces the need to use detergents.

In addition to entrepreneurs running public targets, housing investors, for example, benefit from nanocoating. In the premises we handle, rental income increases, as cleaner facilities and reduced need for renovation reduce the life cycle costs of the property.

Nanoksi offers your company a complete service that includes deep cleaning and nanocoating of your premises with the most suitable protection agent for your destination. The work is completed quickly and the facilities are fully available, most often within a day of starting work. With us, surface protection is easy for larger objects as well!

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5-year material warranty

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