Indoor air cleaning with nanocoatingand ANTiBAC light

The growth of microbes in the premises can be effectively and safely controlled by LED Tailor’s ANTiBAC system. The antimicrobial LED lighting system combined with nanoksi’s photocatalytic coating improves the alertness of the property users – while purifying the air.

The system is suitable for most public spaces. It utilizes both blue and white light and an almost imperceptible coating mounted on the walls and ceiling.

The ANTiBAC system is used as a substitute for general lighting in the premises. LED tubes can be switched directly to replace old fluorescent tubes. Complete luminaire frames and more efficient versions are also available.

Nanoksi’s technology and ANTiBAC light help to keep indoor air clean – whether it’s air pollution, lack of ventilation or other causes.

Nanoksi odour removal

Our photocatalytic coating is sensitive to visible light. It oxidizes molecules in the air that cause unpleasant odors, causing them to break down. Destroyed molecules are harmless to the environment and to humans.

Utilizing our coating and light, you can destroy airborne allergens, smells from food and animals and various air pollutants. Our solution is effective also against tobacco smoke and microbes.

The effect of the treatment lasts for a long time. In odor removal, we coat the wall and ceiling, whereby the circulating air comes into contact with the nanocoating and bad odours are eliminated.

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