When the facilities are used by the public, the challenges of sanitation multiply. With nanocoating, the company protects its property indoors and outdoors, facilitates cleaning and saves on cleaning costs.

Outdoors, nanocoating can prevent the absorption of oils, air pollution, water and urine into the substrate, for example. The coating also protects against graffiti. Companies have been using nanotechnology in Finland for a long time. The facades of the Kalasatama shopping centre Redi, and several other public buildings have been coated by Nanoksi.

Indoors, nanocoating improves customer satisfaction quickly and cost-effectively. For example, the sanitary facilities in restaurants and hotels benefit from the treatment. Savings come from both the reduction in cleaning costs and the reduction of the need for renovation.

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Why choose Nanoksi?

A fully domestic company

100% quality guarantee for work

5-year material warranty

Public sector

Companies that own, rent or manage real estate

Housing cooperatives

Schools and offices

Shopping malls


Sports and swimming halls

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